With so many current and incoming regulations overwhelming the American business routine, it is incredibly hard for small and medium-sized business owners to keep track of all these accounting and taxing things.

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When you run a regular, for-income type of a business you may think that the burden of taxing and other fiscal regulations imposed is simply unbearable… Think again, because the non-profitable and NGO organizations have a much harder time that we help them to get through!

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Whether we’re talking about doing and keeping track of all the business records on a monthly, quarterly or an end-of-the-year basis, it all takes a whole lot of time. This means that while actually running your small business, you might eventually need a professional accountant’s hand.

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With the American taxing system being so complicated, how does a small business owner even keep track of it? When should you file and what should you file? Which expenses are tax-deductible and which are not? We’re here to help you out with that!

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Rita King

Wanganui Franchisee

To make sense of all the fiscal stuff of all sorts and not to get into any trouble with the IRS, I hire these accountants each time. They help me work it all out in no time!